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As a momma myself, I'm also trying to slow down and remember to capture the little moments. I swear it was yesterday my little ones were in my belly, now I'm chasing them around on the daily. I am so sad I didn’t take more photos because I was always worried of what I looked like instead of how Greyson used play with my hair while we cuddled and how Lylah would stare at me while she nursed. Those are the moments I so desperately wish I captured, even if I did have my hair in a bun wearing comfy clothes that were 10 years old. These exact moments is what made me fall in love with the photography world all those years ago. I’ve learned that it doesn't matter what I look like, that I haven't lost that 10 pounds I’ve been talking about for the last 5 years. Every year I put aside all my excuses and sure we get in front of the camera to capture Greysons quirky personality, Lylah’s love for dancing & the ever growing love between Nick and I.
One day the kids are going to be adults themselves, but for now they’re still my babies and I’m going to make sure to capture it moment by moment so I can ugly cry to them when I’m old and gray & just maybeeee be that mom who embarrasses them and shows their future partners how cute I thought they were at 2 years old. 

To be completely honestly, I never thought I'd become a photographer. When Grey was born Nick, bought me my very first camera to document our little growing family. So really, I've got to thank him for encouraging me to be the artist I am today & never letting me give up on my dream to own my own business all while being able to stay home with my babies. Also a huge thank you to Lylah & Greyson for being the inspiration for Lylah Grey Photography & always down to help momma make her visions come to life.

First off, I am so glad you're here. I am so excited you're considering investing in yourself and this crazy adventure we call life. You probably ask your partner to take photos of you and the kids all of the time, but they either caught you blinking mid photo or didn’t remember to help capture the little moments you know you’ll miss. Have no fear, I am the girl for you. I will help capture all of those tiny moments & even get a good angle. ;)

I'm Aubry & here to make your dreams come true

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I’m of mom of two wild things & married my high school sweetheart

lover of coffee and wine 

I bing watch Netflix & let my kids run wild while I edit your photos.




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Lylah Grey Photography is a purposeful Seattle lifestyle photographer. Audry has been capturing everlasting moments for x years and it is purpose create memories that will list a lifetime.


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